Swaziland’s ecosystems

Four ecosystems are recognised in Swaziland. Only just over 3% of these ecosystems is legally protected. This implies that these ecosystems, and the biodiversity they harbour, are under threat.  The four ecosystems are:

  • Montane grasslands: These occur predominantly in the Highveld. Montane grasslands historically covered 46% of the country’s land. Read more>
  • Savanna-woodland mosaic: Savanna-woodland mosaic: This ecosystems occurs mainly in the Middleveld and Lowveld. The Savanna-woodland mosaic historically accounted for 48% of the country’s land area. Read more>
  • Forests: Forests are common in the Highveld and Lubombo mountains. Forests originally accounted for 5% of the country’s land area. Read more>
  • Aquatic systems: Included here are rivers, streams and wetlands. It is the smallest and least well known of the country’s ecosystems. Read more>