Biodiversity in Swaziland

Although small in size, Swaziland is blessed with a rich diversity of plants, animals. The she has less than 1% of southern Africa’s total land area but 14% of the taxa recorded in the sub-region have been recorded in the country. The country’s steep gradients of climate, topography, and soil properties all contribute to the rich biodiversity. The eastern part of the country lies within the Maputaland centre of plant diversity recognised as one of the world’s hotspots of floral and faunal species richness and endemism. The western part of Swaziland lies in the Drakensberg Escarpment Endemic bird area, another area of global significance.

  • 3441 plant species representing 1124 genera and 244 families have been recorded in the country.
  • Invertebrates have not been adequately surveyed 265 families and about 1,300 genera of arthropods have been recorded
  • Vertebrates are the only well documented animal group in the country. To date 813 species (445 genera in 144 families) have been recorded.
  •  One endemic vertebrate species a lizard (Afroedura major) is known.